Metropolitan Family Health Network

Health Care

Metropolitan Family Health Network (MFHN) contracted Jones & Associates Communications to build awareness of its services and increase its patient numbers.

Our focus was on educating the community about this Federally Qualified Health Center - their health care professionals and staff as well as the complete array of services that are offered - by producing a series of brochures and developing and maintaining a dedicated website.

Determining patients' needs and wants was achieved through the monthly MFHN "Straight Talk" sessions where staff members interview patients. The information provided in these sessions was incorporated into the marketing strategies for Metropolitan Family Health Network.

We initiated outreach to various sectors of the community and assisted in establishing partnerships with government and private organizations and agencies that resulted in MFHN being able to offer even more services to the community.

Jones & Associates Communications also generated coverage in media that increased awareness of Metropolitan Family Health Network with the community as well as local and national officials. The outcome included visits from the U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services, the Governor of the State of New Jersey and U.S. Senators and Congresspersons. In addition, the number of Metropolitan Family Health Network's patient visits grew to more than 55,000 per year.